relatively late on his FUT’s life cycle

With the Ultimate Team market doing strange things at the moment, it has never been more important to secure some solid trading techniques that guarantee you a sizeable profit. The FUT St Patricks Day tournament has developed into a fantastic trading opportunity, but only if done smartly.

We have already covered how best to invest your coins during the fast approaching Winter Upgrades (Part One – Part Two – Date) and if anything the FUT St Patricks Day event is an even greater chance to make a significant amount of coins.

Going by the developing trends over the last few years, it is clear that there are a few keys to maximising the opportunity. First is choosing the right players to invest. You might think that the higher rated player, the better investment, but remember people also need to completely fill their benches, often with bronze cards.

Second is when to buy. Normally that tends to be the earlier the better, as you are more likely to get a lower price, before everyone gets the same idea and drives the price up. Thirdly and finally, you have to know when to sell. Last year showed that if you wait until the tournament itself, you will have missed the boat.

Take a look through this slideshow with either the arrow buttons are the links at the bottom of each page to read our insight into these areas ahead of the FUT St Patricks Day tournament:


St Patricks Day falls on Tuesday March 17th, so this means it is just over a month away and perfect time to start stockpiling the players of your choice. The FUT St Patricks Day tournament will run for about seven days if you are intending to play it.

With your trading head on, Tuesday March 17th should be the very latest you start to sell. Prices will likely see a sharp increase around a week before this date, so keep using those price checking websites so you don’t miss out.

What Happened Last Year?

You might be wondering what all the fuss about the St Patricks Day tournament is and that comes down to two things. The rewards, both online and offline, are very generous as can be seen in the image above for FUT 14.

Another factor is that it is relatively late on his FUT’s life cycle, which means players who are sitting on a number of excess coins like to build teams to win these unique tournaments.


Trading will be covered in-depth in the following few slides, but one of the best tips out there is to invest when the market is busy. In other words, if a good Team of the Week has just been released, more packs will be opened and you will be able to pick up your players for a bargain.

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