Unlock The Fut 15 Coins

Now you are not unfamiliar Fut 15 Coins with FIFA 15 new celebrations. Once you pass the certain level, you can unlock the certain celebration. There are a total of 40 celebrations in FIFA 15. All these can make you feel realistic as if you were playing on the real life pitch and could celebrate by your own or with your teammates. That makes much more fun in game.

Today, we are continuing to cover the other several celebrations to you.

The bear. Scare your opponents into defeat with the bear, made famous sort of by Mr Ronaldo. Once you’ve passed level 47, simply hold both LB down and RS up. Same combination applies for PlayStation users.

The chicken dance. A more complex version than the version West Ham United’s Kevin Nolan made famous, but entertaining all the same. Simply hold L1 and flick R3 up and then down. Same routine goes for Xbox users.

The Gallop Dance. Once you’ve passed level 54 and bought this celebration, which Lord Bendtner pulls off so very well. Simply hold LB and press RS in, or L1 and R3 for PS4 users.

Patty cake. Patty cake, patty cake, bakers man… Make the superstars of the football world look like little school girls. Once level 59 has been negotiated, simply hold L1 and flick R3 to the right twice. The same configuration goes for Xbox.

Riding the cat. EA has called this celebration riding the cat, but it is more reminiscent of a cat that has an itchy anus that need scratching. If you have a cat, or a dog for that matter, you’ll know what this is about. Once you’ve passed level 77, this celebration becomes available. Once purchased, hold L1 and R3 down. For Xbox, this means holding LB and RS down.

Are you able to get all these celebrations on your hands? Come on, make some fun in FIFA 15. Don’t just playing on the pitch.

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