There are mass boss battles, skill and chill sessions and minigames :from Cheap RuneScape gold

There are mass boss battles, skill and chill sessions and minigames galore as ever. Our showcased function this week is the Attire Such as your Dog Levels of competition, managed in conjunction with the Tranquility Isle clan. Join us at Burthorpe Banking institution on Thursday 18th June at 16: 00 UTC on World 23. Mod Lee will be hosting a skill n chill, plus a mass Kalphite King session later in the week, if skilling or PvM is more up your street to RS DarkScape Gold.4rs

Videos And Reside ChannelsUrgnt Justice got to the airwaves for your launch of adamant and rune dragons in the week, appealing to more than 1,000 visitors. You missed a real treat but you can catch up on some of the 8 hour marathon over on Urgnt Justice’s Twitch channel if you didn’t catch it. The Community Playlist is updated with a few new video tutorials over on our YouTube funnel.

Check out this wonderful online video from WillMissIt while he takes a short look at how athletes react on revise day – we love it!ActivitiesWe’ve received a jam-loaded plan of in-online game situations through to Cheap RuneScape gold the calendar month of June.

  Total specifics can be found around the JMod Occasions thread. As ever, the Mod Events friends chat channel is always open, and there’s always some to chat to!

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