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To ensure that the actual best akin of antagonism is always entertain, that candor can’t be alleged into question.Back in January and aboriginal February 2015 them took activity afterwards them apparent that scattering of able CS:GO players were affianced in match-fixing. Our accommodation would accept been to ban these players indefinitely from captivation in Valve-sponsored to CS GO Skins events.csgo2

Valve says it will release a major update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next week that includes a revised matchmaking system for Classic Competitive mode and two maps, one of them a Counter-Strike classic.

In an update on the official Counter-Strike blog, Valve says it will release bomb defusal map Vertigo — which takes place on top of an under construction skyscraper — and arsenal map Monastery as part of Monday’s update. Valve describes Monastery as fast-paced and posted a single to Buy CSGO Skins screen shot of the map.

  A sneak peek at Vertigo was also posted to the official Counter-Strike Twitter account earlier this week. Vertigo was originally designed by Chris “narby” Auty, who was also responsible for designing the original Aztec and Inferno Counter-Strike maps.Monday’s update will also a ship with a “ton of bug fixes based on community feedback,” though Valve is short on specifics.

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