The Sawed-Off is a pump-action shotgun featured in CS:GO

The Sawed-Off is a pump-action shotgun featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is exclusive to the Terrorists. The counterpart of this weapon for the Counter-Terrorists is the MAG-7.

“The classic Sawed-Off deals very heavy close-range damage, but with its low accuracy, high spread and slow rate of fire, you’d better kill what you hit.”―Official description

The Sawed-Off is a modified Remington 870 shotgun with a shorter, ‘sawed-off’ barrel. It fires seven rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. It inflicts very high damage which can kill an enemy with just one shot at close range and Buy csgo skins two to three shots in medium range. This shotgun can be fired while reloading, and like all other shotguns, it has a 3x kill award multiplier with 32 shells held in reserve.


Hitbox Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored

Head 128 96

Chest & Arm 32 24

Stomach 40 30

Leg 24 24

Each shot contains 8 pellets.

Red signifies a fatal hit.

The Sawed-Off is a moderate weight weapon. When wielded, the user will suffer 16% speed reduction.


Compared to the other shotguns featured in Global Offensive, the Sawed-Off inflicts the heaviest damage on opponents who are sufficiently close

One of the cheapest primary weapons, the same amount as the Nova.

Although the high spread may cause some pellets to not successfully hit a target, the high damage of the remaining pellets should be sufficient to eliminate a target. Compared to the MAG-7, the higher spread can be beneficial if the target is moving with great speed.

Little accuracy loss while moving, making strafing and shooting easier.


At medium range and further, the pellets will actually disappear.

Users are still vulnerable if they have to reload (similar to most of the other shotguns)

The Sawed-Off has the highest spread compared to the other shotguns.

Extremely low effective range

Heavier than any other shotguns despite its appearance.

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