Merry Christmas | 4RSGold Giveaway coming

Merry Christmas | 4RSGold Giveaway coming Merry Christmas! Christmas Giveaway coming! Tell us your Character name, to win this best rs account.Click URL Know more about this Info, 2017 has been a fantastic year for 4rsgold and we couldn’t have done it without you. Get you Account with 90 attack, 90 strength, 90 defense at 4rsgold Giveaways. If you need more Runescape Old School Accounts also can go to our Runescape 2007 Accounts page.

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OSRS Gold – December Mega Patch

Quester, skiller, or executioner? Today it doesn’t make a difference, since this Patch Week includes the heftiest gathering of diversion wide personal satisfaction fixes we’ve seen all year. Here’s a look at what you can anticipate: Kuradal is expressing gratitude toward her fortunate stars for some genuinely necessary slayer changes. The Ninjas are regaining some composure in the wake of bringing you more than 50 settles this week alone. Our allowed to-play encounter just showed signs of improvement! Truly. The behemoth-of-a-rundown left our discussion post blasting at the creases, so…

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